About Fuel Keeper

Fuel Keeper® is a 5″, moisture wicking, arm sweat band that securely holds 2 energy gels. Depending on the size of your arm, Fuel Keeper® can be worn on the wrist, forearm or upper arm. While training & racing, the Fuel Keeper® arm sweat band stays in place and will hold your energy gels without any bouncing or movement and you remain hands-free!

MULTI-FUNCTION Since Fuel Keeper® is a 5″ arm sweat band, you can also place your license and/or a credit card and/or a key/key fob (these will sit underneath the Fuel Keeper®, against your skin) under the arm sweat band.

Also, for those endurance athletes going long, Fuel Keeper® can also help to keep you cool. If you are preparing for a long distance Triathlon, once you get to the run, the heat and humidity can be intense. When you get to the aid stations that have ice/ice sponges, grab some ice and place it underneath each Fuel Keeper® arm sweat band in order to help cool your body. It is recommended to wear 1 Fuel Keeper® arm sweat band on each arm. This way, you can be hands-free while carrying at least 4 energy gels!